Television Ads

Television is fast becoming the least expensive way to advertise. This is because your ads can be directed to an individual target market on specific TV shows during your most optimum time-slot. Cable TV makes it possible.

30-Second Ads

In many cases, TV ads can cost as little at $50.00 per-broadcast. Here are some examples of TV ads that we have supplied to some of our customers:

30-Minute Infomercial

The 30-Minute Infomercial is a positive, attention-grabbing, marketing tool, especially when you are appealing to an audience that needs credit approval for their next automobile purchase.

CIM supplies a 30-minute infomercial for 1-800-THE CREDIT. This Infomercial offers a second-chance auto-finance for those individuals whose credit history reflects the need for special financing. It is specifically customized for your dealership, and you are protected by CIM’s registered Trademark for 1-800-THE CREDIT. Contact us to see sample.