Radio Ads

Radio ads are traditionally the priciest form of advertising. Radio ensures a totally captive audience. Most drivers follow roads, traffic, flashers, and brake lights without much pro-active thought; thus allowing the mind to be extremely receptive to what is heard on the radio.

radio advertisingEven if your product or service is remarkable, a driver rarely has a pen at hand to help remember what they have just heard. A memorable toll-free Vanity Number is most effective at this time. After hearing and thinking about your ad, the driver easily retains it for later use. Your Vanity Number identifies your company name or your product.

In your advertising, we suggest repeating your number multiple times. This will help new customers remember your Vanity Number.

Below are some examples of memorable toll-free Vanity Numbers:

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Large cities have multiple area codes inside their radio-broadcast territory. This creates a great advantage for a toll-free Vanity Number.


Customers do not have to remember both a number and an area code. There are many cities that now have more than one area code.

For a list of the population of these cities, or more information about CIM providing your company with free radio ads, Contact the sales department at CIM today.